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Suggestion Of Making Attacking Policemen As An Independent Penalty

Posted on:2017-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the circumstance of variety of values and the changing point of our economy and society,the policeman is getting harder and harder to execute the law.The rates of attacking policemen are getting higher and higher,which has coursed a lot of attention of the whole society.The policeman is a special armed administrative force of the country.It's a tool to manage and control the society.The activity of policemen is to protect the order of the society.Lately some experts consider the course of high rates of attacking policemen is our obsolete legislation and we should making attacking policemen as an independent penalty.But some experts disagreed,considering the existing penal code criminal law can fight the crime.In The newest paper of the amendment penal code criminal law,the 9th Rule is to give a heavier punishment to the criminals who attack the policemen.It's a historical move,but it couldn't solve the problem.Attacking policemen is not only infringing the rights of the policemen,influencing the consequence of protecting of the law and worsening the circumstance to manage the society,but also making the criminals more arrogant.People would doubt the capability of the country to protect the order and the rights.Further and further,the country would lose its authority.As so far,our penal code criminal law only considers attacking policemen as a crime of obstructing public function,intentional injury or intentional murder.It couldn't reflect the substance of attacking policemen,or frighten the criminals.At the changing point of society,it couldn't protect the policemen's right which is a public imposing force.In a lot of countries of the world,policemen have great authority and dignity and their rights are full protected but legislation.The criminals who attack policemen would be punished heavily.However;our law punishes the criminals too lightly which is useless to frighten the criminals and courses the high rates of attacking policemen.For protecting the authority of our country and the rights of the policemen execute the law and frightening the criminals,I suggests to make attacking policemen as an independent penalty.
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