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Two-sided Market,the Definition Of The Relevant Market And The Analysis Of Abuse Of Dominant Market Position On Internet Enterprises

Posted on:2017-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512474619Subject:Industrial Organization
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The rapid development of the Internet has brought a lot of new business models,but as the market continues to expand,some giant Internet companies have taken some behaviors to restrict competition and undermine the market order of fair competition.The characteristic of free service in the Internet market makes the traditional SSNIP test no longer applicable when defining the relevant market.The unique mode of transactions the internet market has brought problems to determine the abuse of business.In this paper,based on the case of Qihoo 360 v.Tencent monopoly,combined with the case the foreign anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies sentenced,studied how to define the relevant market of the two-sided market and how to determine the market dominant position of internet enterprises.Firstly,this paper studies how to define relevant markets of two-sided markets and the method.It is found that there is no agreement among the anti-monopoly organizations in the market definition of two-sided market.In the case of Qihoo 360 v.Tencent QQ,Tencent QQ attracts users by offering free services and profits from advertising services and value-added services market.Therefore,this paper argues that the relevant market in defining two-sided free markets should be defined the free edge.And because the features of free,traditional SSNIP test is no longer applicable,we can take the needs of alternative,supply alternative to define the relevant market.Secondly,it puts forward some analytical elements on the market dominance of two-sided market.The author believes that Tencent has formed a high market entry barrier in the instant messaging market through the two-sided market,network effect and user stickiness.It has a dominant market position.It is not the judgment that Guangdong High Court and the Supreme People's Court given.The foreign antitrust decision-making cases can also prove most institutions take two-sided market,network effects and other characteristics as key analysis,thinking there is a higher market entry barriers in the two-sided market than the traditional market,it would strengthen the market dominance in the relevant market.Thirdly,the author analyzes the behaviors of Tencent,such as "choosing one of two" and bundling,points out that these acts are an abuse of dominance market behavior,they harm the competitors and users,damage the fair competition environment of the market,and inhibit innovation.Finally,on the basis of SCP paradigm,this paper analyzes the economic performance and competitive environment of IM enterprises in mainland China,the United States,Korea and Japan,and points out that because of the different market structure,enterprises behave differently and finally affect their economic performance.The very high main business profit margins than other enterprise in other countries,and the lack of competition in the market are strengthen Tencent's dominance in the instant messaging market.This paper argues that Internet companies can have market dominance by virtue of innovation and functional superiority,they can not enforce the abuse of market dominant position to restrict competition.Once found an abuse,anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies should promptly stop and strengthen the monopoly law enforcement,to maintain fair competition in the market.
Keywords/Search Tags:Two-sided market, Related market definition, Network effect, User viscosity, Market entry barriers
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