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The Study Of Fast-track Sentencing Procedure Of Criminal Cases In China

Posted on:2018-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In today’s society that minor criminal is very frequent,it is important to the question that how to protect the litigation rights of the parties on the basis of the efficient handling of minor criminal offenses in the world of criminal justice work.Before the establishment of the criminal speed procedure,China’s criminal procedure system consists of ordinary procedures and summary procedures that deal with minor criminal cases is not targeted,it is difficult to achieve the efficiency of litigation.After the abolition of the labor camp system,the handling of minor criminal crimes seriously affected the improvement of the efficiency of criminal justice in China due to the lack of institutional and procedural guidance.In response to this situation,China tried to establish a criminal speed cutting procedure in a pilot way in 2014.In more than two years of pilot work,the handling of the criminal speed process reflects more advantages in minor criminal cases.Which effectively improve the efficiency of litigation,saving the judicial resources for the next formal construction provides a useful experience.This paper is divided into four parts.The first part of the study is some basic issues,including the concept,the characteristics of that in the criminal speed of the proceedings,and take a slight criminal case as the core approach to sort out and introduce our relevant practices.The second part is the basis of the construction of criminal procedure in China,including theoretical basis and realistic basis.The third part is the introduction and research of extraterritorial procedures or systems.The author chooses the representative countries of Germany and the United States as the research object.The fourth part is the perfect proposal on the problems of the criminal procedure at this stage.It is hoped that this article can provide some help for the construction of our criminal procedure.
Keywords/Search Tags:criminal speed cutting, minor criminal cases, litigation efficiency, rights protection
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