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An Analysis Of The LiX-HeX Traffic Accident Liability

Posted on:2017-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of economy in China,more and more people own motor vehicles,coming along with more frequent accidents.There are various reasons for the accidents,but whichever it is,the responsibilities should be taken by certain people.In judicatory practice,there are cases that an accident is caused by many reasons,which makes it difficult to deal with the responsibilities.Especially,when it is unable to identifine the reasons of the accident,It comes to the application of high probability in civil procedure law,which is the focus of theoretical and practical law.Taking Mr Li's charging of Mr.He in an accident as an example,this thesis,analyzes how to deal with the principle of high probability,so as to identify the responsibilities between the related persons.Meanwhile,the present situation of high probability in China is combined in order to analyze this problem in China and discuss how to improve the application of high probability in civil procedure law.
Keywords/Search Tags:high probability, Principle of imputation, Liability litigation of traffic accident of motor
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