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Identification Standard Of "Internal Information" In Government Information Publicity

Posted on:2018-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The government information publicity is of great significance on protecting citizens' right to know,promoting democratic politics,advancing the transparency of government's work,preventing corruption and so on.After enacting<The government information disclosure regulations>,our country has made great progress on government information publicity,but also need to solve the existing problems.Especially need to pay attention to the following problem which is using "internal information",for shield to refuse publicly available information.The purpose of this article is to make the "internal information" category clear with related laws and regulations through analyzing some typical cases.The article is divided into four parts.In the first part,selected topic background,research status and methods,research purpose and meaning will be accounted Based on analyzing typical cases,the main problem which is lack of unified standards of identifying "internal information" would be pointed out in the second part.,Then some foreign relevant provisions would be introduced in the third part.The fourth part will try to make a conclusion about how to identify "internal information" well with scholars'view the courts' opinions and the experience of the abroad.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internal information, Internal management information, Process information, standard of identification
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