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Study On The Perfect Of Criminal Summary Procedure

Posted on:2018-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Through the comparison and analysis of the criminal summary procedure in the world,the criminal summary procedure in China has characteristics in a single type and can not fully meet the real needs based on the judicial reality.As an important measure to perfect the criminal summary procedure in China,the criminal fast-track procedure should coordinate the Value of Justice and the Value of Economic Benefit on the basis of Italian criminal summary procedure.Through the revision of the Code of Criminal Procedure,it should add the criminal fast-track procedure to the criminal summary procedure and construct a diversified system after finishing the experiment.Because of the criminal law of doctrine of severe punishment,to perfect the criminal summary procedure should modify the criminal law.Only by this way can the criminal fast-track procedure play a real role in the criminal summary procedure.Contrast with the Italian five criminal summary procedure,some suggestion and basic framework should be put forward to the three current criminal summary procedure in China.We should give the defendant and his defender more rights protection.In addition to this,we ought to build the Chinese procedure of penal order,prompt trial procedure,summary trial procedure and perfect the simplified trial for criminal common procedure of China.And the plead guilty plea system has a complementary role in perfecting the criminal summary procedure.
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