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Research On Diversified Dispute Settlement Mechanism Of Family Dispute

Posted on:2018-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Family is the basic form of the society and the basic cell of community.Harmonious and stable relationship of marriage and family is directly related to whether the whole society and country can be orderly developed with harmony and stability.In current society,the new situation,new problems in Marriage and family relations continue to highlight,the types of family disputes are more complex and diverse,the difficulty of resolving the contradiction is increasing day by day.In order to properly handle the family disputes,promote professional development of family trial work,promote the family trial mode and work mechanism continue to develop and improve,create the new pattern of diversified settlement of family dispute and protect legitimate rights of women,minors and the elderly according to the law,Courts throughout the country have conducted a useful attempt.The Supreme People's Court designates about 100 grass-roots courts as the first batch of reform trail court of family trail ways and working mechanism.The research object of this paper is one of the hundreds of courts in People's Court of Wenchang.As a pilot unit for reform,Wenchang People's Court in the family trial concept,trial mode,supporting system and the working mechanism,staffing and other aspects have done a series of reforms,And in the family dispute settlement and the community feedback have received a good reform results.But the Court in the process of promoting family reform also appeared a lot of difficulties and obstacles,such as the lack of legislation on the legislative protection,change the concept of trial difficulties,unreasonable staffing and so on.In view of these perplexities and problems,this article puts forward the idea of perfecting the diversification mechanism of family disputes in the aspects of family litigation mode,procedural rules,personnel management and cultivation,and the construction of social linkage mechanism on the basis of field investigation and data analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Family dispute, Diversified dispute settlement ways, People's Court in Wenchang, Family trail, Mediation
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