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The Systematic Construction Of The Leniency System For Confession And Punishment In Criminal Procedure

Posted on:2018-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the background of the judicial reform of the current judicial reform,a criminal litigation system is proposed in the context of the current judicial reform.The system is based on the criminal suspect and the defendant's plea of the defendant,and agrees with the sentencing of the procurator ate and the signing of a knot in the form.As the confession is carried out from a wide system,how to improve the system and construct the system in the present judicial reform should be discussed,and it is the theme of this paper.It is helpful to solve the contradictions of the current "few peoples",and realize the effective transfer of the case and improve the efficiency of judicial litigation and comply with the judicial economic principles.But in this process,not only for the pursuit of efficiency,and to ignore fair justice,therefore,it is helpful to prevent this situation from the system.Based on the theory of criminal value,this paper explains and analyzes the system connotation and value meaning of the plea penalty system.Secondly,through the current introduction of "the criminal case in part of the criminal case of the criminal case," the relevant provisions of the implementation of the "plea",and clearly the "plea"."The punishment"and "from the width" of the boundary,from the broad system and the content of the content,and then combined with the "criminal procedure law".In the case of litigation practice,how to take the procedure and practice of the defendant in the case of the defendant,and analyze the question of the existence of the penalty system.Finally,the scope of the application of the subject and the case of the case,the establishment and the application stage,the separation from the wide range and the relevant supporting system,and so on.This paper puts forward the proposal of constructing the system of the system of the prosecution of the prosecution system.
Keywords/Search Tags:The confession of guilt from the wide system, Criminal suspect, Defendant, The accused man
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