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The Research Of Medical Damage Appraisal Systems In China

Posted on:2017-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330536451292Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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In recent years,due to wounding caused by medical disputes often makes contradictory between patients and medical institutions can not be effectively resolved,resulting in a tragedy occurs.Medical identification is often an important part of the trial court in the course of medical malpractice cases,the judge is to make a reasonable judgment as an important basis.Currently liability of medical damage identification system in China presents Medical Malpractice and Medical mistakes of Forensic dual mode coexist,this phenomenon has created chaos now responsibility appraisal of medical damage,not only can not be court for resolving medical disputes helper,it became the main obstacle court a factor.In the "Tort Liability Act" has put forward the concept of the unity of medical liability for damage,but did not correspond to a unified identification system of medical damage liability.All along,the legal experts,the medical profession and society are highly concerned about these phenomena,and how to seek to improve the existing medical identification system.I am concerned about and thinking through social and current medical disputes and the collection of relevant literature,review and analysis of the data exchange with the teacher to discuss and put forward their own suggestions for improving the existing medical liability for damage identification system,thereby completing the present paper.Contents of this paper is divided into three parts,the first part introduces the connotation of medical damage identification and analyze their value,as well as links and differences between the two types of our current medical damage identification between them "Dual " the Formation of medical damage identification.The second part,in terms of the existing dual mode identification,identification of bodies and experts,identification of the relevant standards,identification procedures are summarized and analyzed the current health care system in China to identify the problems and defects.The third part,based on the above-mentioned problems and drawbacks of the proposed improvement measures by analyzing the existing variety of perspectives for the deficiencies of the current system,the proposal I made,trying to propose some responsibility to help improve the identification of medical damage Strategies and methods of the regime.Entirety by existing health care Identification System analysis,as well as learn from the nations of the advantages in this regard,and ponder each academic reform medical identification of relevant ideas,put forward to build medical damage liability of a unified identification system recommendations can be integrated in the existing resources to build and continue to improve the independence of a high scientific conclusions can be taken high and strong and in line with current medical liability for damage identification system for a variety of medical disputes.
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