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Research On The Improvement Of The Administrative Permission System Of Driving License In China

Posted on:2017-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y XiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330503990309Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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China has entered into the era of automotive civilization, obtaining a driving license has become one of the basic needs of people's life. However, in the face of strong demand of driving, the administrative permission system of driving license seems utterly stretched.There exists a lot of problems in the implementation and monitoring aspects of driving license, mainly including: the abuse of power by vehicle administrative office,misconducted license conditions, flawed implementation program, lacking of social supervision, and the failure of the cumulative points system.Although the Ministry of Public Security is actively promoting the ôreform of driving license ", and has introduced a series of initiatives to benefit the people, for example, on December 10, 2015, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport jointly issued "views on the reform of motor vehicle driver training and examination system ",not only designed the mission statement of the " reform of driving license"(6 aspects, 27 major tasks, striving to establish an open and transparent, with clear mandate and efficient operation, clean and honest driving test management system),but also cleared the timetable. That reflected strong problem's awareness and commitment to reform.Unfortunately, there are still some problems in the implementation and monitoring aspects of motor vehicle driver's license system not been excavated, and if not fully tap, as well as properly deal with these problems, it will be difficult to achieve a just, convenient, and efficient management on driving license.In view of this, this paper takes the administrative permission system as the main line.After systematically combing the configuration, operation and supervision of the motor vehicle driving license in China, this paper puts forward the corresponding suggestions for the problems of the implementation and supervision of the driving license, including: the implementation of the electronic road test, adjusting the licensing conditions, releasingexamination place and regulating the simulation examination fees, improving the social supervision mechanism and implementation of the cumulative score system.This Paper is divided into four chapters. The first chapter interprets the core concept "driving license" and "the system of administrative license ", and clarifies the theoretical and practical basis for the existence of motor vehicle driving license system in China. The second chapter systematically summarizes the current situation of the vehicle driving license system in our country out of the three aspects: the establishment, implementation and supervision of driving license. In the third chapter, it analyzes the problems existing in the driving license system. The fourth chapter is the continuation of the previous analysis of ideas, provides some personal recommendations on how to improve the system of China's motor vehicle driving license.
Keywords/Search Tags:Driving license, Administrative license, Implementation of license, Supervision of license
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