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Legal Reflections On The Case Of "Nie Shubin Case"

Posted on:2017-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In June 6,2016,the Supreme People’s court decided to trial the trial the defendant Nie Shubin intentional homicide,rape case,in accordance with the procedure for trial supervision and trial decision in Shandong Province Higher People’s court delivered a retrial to Nie Shubin’s mother in June 8th.After all the twists and turns of the Nie Shubin case has finally ushered in a turning point,but from 2005 Nie Shubin case has been revealed so far has been in the past 11 years.The thesis consists of introduction,four chapters and conclusion:The introduction part introduces from Nie Shubin case for miscarriages of justice on the meaning and purpose of thesis writing.The first chapter introduces the background of Nie Shubin’s case,the process of the case and the analysis of some doubtful points in the process of dealing with the case.The second chapter analyzes the relevant legal issues in the case of Nie Shubin.The third chapter,through the Nie Shubin case,causes of miscarriages of justice are analyzed.The fourth chapter,Analysis of the case of Nie Shubin,thinking about the case after starting the retrial procedure to deal with several possibilities.The conclusion summarizes the full text.
Keywords/Search Tags:Miscarriages of Justice, judicial justice, adjudicatory supervision procedure, Prevent error correction
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