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In Recent Years,the Detention Center Inmates Escape Problem Analysis And Countermeasures

Posted on:2017-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The detention center is in custody under the jurisdiction of the public security organs at all levels shall be the organs of criminal detention,arrest guilty.According to the provisions of the "Criminal Procedure Law" and other relevant laws,was arrested according to law,criminal detention of prisoners,or sentenced to one year,or more than punishment in a short sentence of three months or less crime,supervision by the caretaker.The detention center detainees including criminal suspects and defendants and sentenced criminals(more than punishment in a short sentence within three months of the crime).In recent years,the detention center detainees escaped accidents,and showed an increasing state.This paper analyzes a large number of actual cases,through case analysis,reason and personnel escape problem must be pay attention to are put forward,through the comparison of large amounts of data and analyzed the characteristics and reasons of the detainees escaped,according to my many years of working experience,puts forward the countermeasures to solve the detainees escaped.This paper will from 2010 to 2014 the escape cases of consolidation,58 cases of escape cases were analyzed,based on the stage of the proceedings the detention center level,regional distribution,types,escape cases escape personnelís age,personnel,escape escape charges personnel were summarized,put forward the necessity of detainees escape.On the basis of the 58 escape case,summed up the four characteristics of detainees escape behavior,combined with the actual work experience,find out the reason of the detainees escape case.Finally,from the legislation,supervision and law enforcement,strengthen team construction,strengthen the psychological counseling and intervention of detainees,optimize the detention center security five aspects and puts forward the method of preventive detention facilities of detainees escaped.
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