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Research On Xi Jinping Cadres Team Construction Thoughts And Its Values

Posted on:2018-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512998915Subject:Marxism in China
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Construction of a high-quality cadres is a project that communist party of China always in practice and constantly advance.At present,in the run-off stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way,the construction of the cadres has much strategic significance.Xi Jinping in the inheritance of Marxist classic writers and thought about the construction of China’s communist party cadres,on the basis of ancient penetrates the present,excavates ancient thoughts of choosing and using persons,combined with the realities,pioneering and innovating,to form the thought about the construction of the cadres in the new period.This paper from Xi’s cadre team construction thoughts according to the theory and realistic basis,and including the main content and characteristics as well as its profound theoretical and practical value.The paper studies Xi’s cadres construction thoughts from four parts.Part one,clarifies the background and meanings of the research and summarizes research status at home and abroad;Elaborates the research methods and innovations.Part two,expounds the Xi’s cadres construction thought ‘s theoretical basis and grow out of the communist party of China’s practice and experience of the construction of the cadres.Analyzed the complicated global situation and opportunities and challenges in domestic development and problems facing our party,concluded the necessity and urgency to strengthen the construction of cadres.Part three,from Xi’s different work periods and a series of speech summarizes the cadres construction thoughts’ main content,including: cadres training and education,construction of cadres institutional,cadres selection and use and the management and supervision of cadres and building a clean government and fighting corruption.Part four,Xi’s cadres construction with distinct characteristics and values.Xi’s cadre team construction thought is: service tenet of populist character,practicality of expression,the steering of typical model and the characteristics of the traditional culture in particular.The values : enriched and developed Marxist ideas about the cadre troop construction;Enrich and perfect the governing ideas of Xi;Advantageous to the coordination promote comprehensive governing party,always maintain the party’s vigor and vitality;To close the tie between the party and the people,consolidate the party’s governing base and governing status;To cultivate high-caliber cadres,provide organizational guarantee to build a well-off society in an all-round way.
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