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A Study On The Development Of Negative List System Of Administrative Examination And Approval In Shanghai Free Trade Area

Posted on:2018-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330515469270Subject:Administrative Management
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In the modern society,the political and economic ties are becoming increasingly close,and foreign investment has become an important part of China’s economic development.Our country has always adopted a positive list system for administrative examination and approval in respect of foreign investment access.With the continuous improvement of China’s comprehensive national strength,its international influence is growing,so our country needs to find its own position on the international trade and investment platform.In order to be in line with international rules,it is imperative to implement a negative list system for administrative examination and approval.Since the 2013 Shanghai Free Trade Area has launched the administrative list for the first time since the introduction of the negative list system for administrative examination and approval,the categories of industries that are prohibited and restricted in the negative list of administrative examination and approval are clearly marked in the form of a list.It can allow investors to market access standards have a clear understanding,and thus enable enterprises to access the market according to law.This not only saves the approval time but also provides a good platform for foreign capital entry.Since the implementation of the negative bill of lading system in the past few years,has achieved some success,the government functions have been a real change.It can be seen that the implementation of the negative list system for administrative examination and approval has a positive effect on both economic and administrative examination and approval system reform.From the traditional approval system to the current filing system,pay attention to pre-approval to the ex post facto supervision of institutional innovation,Shanghai FTA negative development of the list of the huge results so that we see an effective way to improve the efficiency of government administration,to Our life has brought great changes.It is not accidental that the government will establish the first free trade area in Shanghai,which is determined by the good infrastructure and foreign trade conditions that Shanghai itself has.On this basis,the government has introduced the relevant policies to adapt to the negative inventory system to assist its development,so as to further reduce the administrative examination and approval procedures,improve the efficiency and realize the true transformation of the government functions.Of course,the Shanghai Free Trade Area as the first to try a negative inventory system of the free trade area,the development process can not avoid the problems and challenges.This paper first summarizes the concept of administrative examination and approval and negative list,summarizes the achievements and experiences of the implementation of the negative inventory system in the free trade area,and analyzes the existence of the negative inventory system of Shanghai Free Trade Area with the concept of service-oriented government and the whole government Practical problems are discussed,and then put forward a strong operational effective countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reform of administrative examination and approval system, Shanghai free trade zone, negative list system, development
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