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The Legal Regulation On The Pay Per Click Of Search Engines

Posted on:2018-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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What is called PPC is a network marketing model pushed out by search engine marketing business according to its particular network information searching technology.Finally,advertising agencies buy the relevant key words and decide the average position of the web page and link address in all search results according to the individual offer.It's a marketing method through the the ranking order of similar goods to affect consumer to confirm the transaction object.The marketing mode of bidding rank provides a great opportunity of development for small and medium-sized enterprise groups,however,it also causes a series of problems.This article includes the following four parts besides the introduction and conclusion.The first part is about the summarize of search engine's bidding rank.It introduces the concept,legal nature and characteristics of the PPC,to make the difference between the ranking and natural ranking.In the meantime,making sure that bidding rank is a kind of advertisement and bedding for the following research.It also introduces the state of development of bidding rank which includes its current situation and existing problems and respectively introduces the bidding rank model of American and Korea through relative analysis to find the difference of China and foreign countries' bidding rank.At last,it puts forward the deficiency of the relevant legislation in our country.The second part mainly introduces the legal analysis of the tort liability of the search engine service providers.Firstly,it proposes the legal cognizance of joint tort.Then it analyzes the search engine serviceprovider's liability of search engine submission through joint dangerous act,the behavioral nature of search engine submission and key component of infringement act.The third part is focus on the examination scope and shoulder responsibility of search engine submission.Firstly,it analyzes the search engine service provider's examination from the aspects of attention obligation and economic benefits and costs.Afterwards,it analyzes the responsibility of search engine submission in bidding rank,it includes the relative review responsibility and the absolute responsibility,to make sure the duty and responsibility that it should undertake in bidding rank.The last part is about the legal regulation of the search engine's bidding rank.It includes confirming the bidding rank's advertising properties,perfecting relevant laws and system,increasing the intensity of punishment,cultivating internet enterprises' legal consciousness,enhancing the self-discipline between industry,forming the industry standard,normalizing bidding service provider's examination duty and responsibility,constructing and perfecting law enforcement supervision system,strengthening the construction of Internet ethics,strengthening the legal consciousness of Internet users and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:Search Engine, PPC, Duty of care, Responsibility for the Examination, Legislative Regulation
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