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The Study Of The Land Rights And Interests Protection Of Rural Married Women

Posted on:2018-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the 90s of the last century,with the acceleration of urbanization process in Nanning,Jiangnan district government vigorously promoted the construction of umbrella projects,such as Huanan city and Foxconn.Then,a number of lands of urban villages and suburban villages were expropriated.Disputes and conflicts of interest distribution based on rural land rights subsequently increased year by year,such as the land contract right,the distribution right of income of collective economic organization,and the land expropriation compensation.Among the disputes and conflicts caused by land expropriation,the most common and intractable disputes was the deprivation or restriction of land rights of rural married women whose lawful rights and interests were violated seriously.This paper summed up the specific circumstances of infringement and the most common object of the deprivation or restriction of land rights of rural married women by studying the distribution of the rural married women in Jiangnan district of Nanning and the solution of the land rights problems of rural married women in street offices and villages according to the information gotten by research institute and the field survey of the problem of rural married women in the villages belonged to the Fujian Garden,Jiangnan and Shajing sub-district office in Jiangnan district in Nanning city.The problem of married women had been for a long time,involving a large number of people,and the historical problems were complex.They often take the ways like collective petition,turning to the women’s Federation or the National People’s Congress,complaining to government departments and court proceedings for safeguarding their legal rights.The problem of married women also intensified the contradictions between the villagers.The phenomenon of confrontation and exclusion is widespread,and the violent conflicts occurred from time to time.It had been an extremely unstable factor of which influenced the politics,economy and society in Jiangnan district of Nanning and even the National Rural Areas.For solving this problem,the government cost a great deal of time,manpower,material resources and money.This paper analyzed the causes of the infringement of the rights and interests of the married women from the aspects of social gender theory,land allotment system,rural social security system,benefit factor and the deficiency of legal security system combining with the typical case of married women in the rural area of Nanning.Moreover,Jiangnan district of Nanning had made a lot of work and innovative initiatives on solving and dealing with the problem of married women in rural areas.On how to ease the current intensified situation of rural married women land rights disputes,this paper put forward some suggestions based on the advanced experience from where solved the problem successfully and the current initiatives and preliminary results of Jiangnan district of Nanning,such as the improvement of the supervision and adjustment of law and regulations to the villagers’ autonomy,flexible use of policies to solve specific problems,law-based administration,the improvement of system construction and management and smooth channels of judicial relief,for easing the contradictions and disputes between the rural married women in Jiangnan district of Nanning city and the village government,between the rural married women and the government,and exploring the appropriate processing mode.
Keywords/Search Tags:married women, Jiangnan district of Nanning, Land rights and interests, village regulation
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