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Management Of The Rights And Interests Of The Rural Married Women In Zouping

Posted on:2020-10-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330620957386Subject:Public Administration
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With the development of socialist market economy,industrialization,urbanization and agricultural modernization were further developed.Rural Production and Life Style in China changed from single agricultural by-product to diversified production and employment style.Large amounts of rural land will be expropriated or transferred.Under the "separation of powers",land ownership,contractual rights and management rights were further consolidated and developed,and the rural land dividend was released in the report of the Nineteenth Congress of the Communist Party of China.However,there are also many disputes over rural land rights and interests in the process of land reform.Affected by feudal traditional ideas,rural "married outside women" have become one of the vulnerable groups,and their disputes over land rights and interests are the focus of disputes over agricultural land rights and interests.Base on literature analysis,comparative analysis and case study,this paper found that Zouping has taken a series of measures to protect the rights and interests of rural "married outside women".These measures have achieved some results.But there are still some problems,such as abuse of the autonomous rights of villagers,failure to implement land contract rights,unfair distribution of compensation for land expropriation,and inadequate reliefmeasures.The reasons are as following: the restraint of traditional ideas,the drive of economic interests,the shortage of land resources and the imperfection of relevant laws and regulations.According to the specific situation in Zouping,to solve the problem of land rights and interests of rural married outside women,we need to actively change our minds,enhance the legal guarantee of the contractual rights of married outside women,strengthen management of government,and expanding the relief measures of the rights and interests for rural "married outside women".Studying this topic can not only effectively promote the rural agrarian reform in Zouping,alleviating rural social contradictions,but also provide some references for solving similar problems in other areas.At the same time,it is also helpful for the realization of equality between men and women in land rights and interests,and the construction of a new socialist countryside.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zou Ping, Married outside women, Land rights and interests, Gender equality
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