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The Research On The Marriage System Of The Canon Law In Medieval Western Europe

Posted on:2018-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In A.D.476,the western Roman empire in the barbarian invasion war,into the long in the middle ages of Europe.At this time of the continent is in a state of feudal lords,Without a unified and powerful central regime,The Christian church through the power of religion and faith,Gradually formed with the center of the Pope,the hierarchical authority,at the same time also gradually develop their own a set of complete legal system and legal system.Church of European social control involves all aspects of people's life,become the important power to promote the development of European society.The family is the basic unit of society,the church knew of marriage and family life of people control can be realized on the basis of from the management and control of the whole European society.The marriage system is an important part of church law,From some sporadic form fatwa began to later huge church law system,the church has never been suspended control of marriage and family.The formation of church law institution of marriage has its deep ideological basis of theology and law,But the many thought essence of church law comes from the bible.Later church jurists in church law explanation is also often to the bible to find theoretical basis,and see it as the most compelling argument.The bible contains a lot of the teaching of the marriage.Some of the early medieval theologians to marriage also have a lot of classical interpretation.In the 12 th and 13 th centuries,the church for the first time systematically the sacrament of theology and church law about marriage.The church teaches people,marriage is established by god,purpose is fruitful,and multiply between husband and wife should love each other,get along.The church also teach people,marriage is a contract unit,by concluding bilateral acceptability is voluntary,and form,anyone shall not force others to conclude an engagement or marriage.Medieval church marriage as one of the Christian sacraments,sacred and eternal,once concluded,cannot be lifted.Compared with parental authority at the time the Roman law marriage and vulgar barbaric Germanic,church law institution of marriage has a very progressive,civilized and beautiful features.Because of this,the church law institution of marriage has a huge impact on western society,determines the correct development direction of the western marriage and family system.Generally rising divorce rate in recent years,countries around the world,especially in our country,the increasing divorce rate has 13 consecutive years.Based on distant medieval church law marriage system as the research object,through to the medieval church law review and analysis of the institution of marriage,showing the medieval church law the advanced parts of the institution of marriage and the influence on western society.
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