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Early Tradition Of Legal Profession In The Middile Ages Of Western Europe

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On the process of social change, secularism and politics dictate arethe two key focuses when we discuss about this issue. Secularism causesa fundamental change to the early modern culture of Western Europe,both in each dimension of life and the legal system. When we discussabout this issue, we must go back to the middle ages. In the historicalprocess, the transition from the religious right country to the modernsecular society,"the church-the country" dualism which runs through theframe of mind also helps to clarify the analysis.The first chapter analyzes the political background of WesternEurope, the Middle Ages the legal profession, and from the religious rightdominated the major historical events to changes in the legal systemdominated corroboration.The second chapter analyzes the economic background of WesternEurope, the Middle Ages the legal profession, the emerging of middleclass and their impact on social stability, then the role of the legal personis increasingly prominent. Chapter III analyzes the generation and composition of the medievallaw of the occupational hierarchy in Western Europe. To clarify this issue,this chapter takes the perspective of legal education, both from lawprofessors and law students.The fourth chapter analyzes the medieval Western Europe, the earlytradition of the legal profession from the public to professional changes,and role conflict faced by the legal changes.Chapter V analyzes the impact of secularism on the formation ofearly legal profession, the separation of church and which opens the spiritto lead the binary and Political Rights, then a new era of legaldevelopment.
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