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Study On Problems Of Protecting Online Consumersí Rights

Posted on:2018-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330536964051Subject:Economic Law
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With the rapid development of online economy,online purchasing with its unique convenience has greatly improve peopleís life.However there are so many infringements such as frauds,false propagandas violating consumerís rights.Nowadays,progress has been made in the discussion of inadequate protection of consumersí rights,and viewpoints have been proposed such as,sellers have the obligation to disclose,enhancing the supervision of online shopping,improving the mechanism of online shopping,etc.Generally speaking all the studies today are limited in the way that they are of single perspective which are not comprehensive.The author believes that the online consumerís rights being infringed upon in a more complicated and deteriorating way with the development of online economy.To protect consumersí rights,we should start from a comprehensive perspective,improve all kinds of protecting mechanism and attach great importance to the coordination and linkage of mechanisms.Equal attention should be paid to helping defending the rights of a consumer as well as the protection of the general benefits of common consumers so that we can bring under control the consumerís rights being violating in various ways.This article consists of three parts: the introduction,the body and the conclusion.In the introduction,the background and significance of the topic research are expounded,and the status quo of the research at home and abroad is discussed.It also introduces the new ones and the focus of this paper.In the body part,the paper expatiates in four chapters: the first chapter gives an overview of the protection of consumersí rights in online consumption,introduces the characteristics of protection of consumersí rights,and also points out its deficiency.In the second chapter,the paper discusses what we can learn from abroad through the analysis of the legal mechanism of foreign consumer protection.And the third chapter brings the mechanism of coordinating the protection of the rights and interests of the online consumers,perfecting the three aspects of legislation,law enforcement and social service.The fourth chapter puts forward some concrete suggestions on erasing the deficiency of the protection system of the online consumersí rights and interests.Finally,the conclusion part gives a brief summary of the entire article.
Keywords/Search Tags:on line purchasing, consumersí rights, legal protection, advices for improvement
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