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A Study On The Legal Problems Of Financial Consumers' Rights And Interests Protection In China

Posted on:2015-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330431976805Subject:Environment and Natural Resources Protection Act
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Protection of the financial interests of consumers in Europe and America and other financial economically developed countries or regions of the core objectives of financial regulation (FSA,2001), it is also the trend of international legislation. In recent years, China’s financial sector against the interests of consumers in the case of frequent occurrence, mainly in three aspects:against consumers’ right, fair trading rights and privacy. In China, involving financial consumer protection related laws scattered, there is no law to protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests of a system, the new "Consumer Protection Act" does not explicitly related to the protection of the financial interests of consumers in terms of lack of specialized government agencies and self-regulatory organizations to protect, unable to carry out effective supervision of financial institutions, consumer education is also a lack of specialty channels, resulting in the basic interests of financial consumers are not effectively protected.In view of the above problems, this paper from theory to start by defining the concept of financial consumers, the scope of protection of their fundamental rights, and then analyzes the status and problems of financial consumer protection, and the United States, Britain and Japan’s financial consumer protection comparative analysis of the legal system to investigate the problem of how to improve the legal system to protect the financial interests of consumers of financial consumer protection proposed model legislation, the legislative content and other aspects of financial regulation.Through the above analysis, the paper argues that the legislative model, our model should use progressive legislation. In the framework of the new "Consumer Protection Law ", by expanding the consumer to explain the meaning of the Act or in the financial provisions of the Consumer Protection conducted a special chapter. But also play a "line3will be " an important role, when conditions are ripe, and then using the legislative model for special legislation; financial regulators should implement legislation on financial consumer protection tilt, full protection, moderate protection principles and classification of protection.Currently, the trading rights of financial consumers informed of the current protection is an urgent need to focus on financial consumer protection problems; financial consumer protection in order to ensure the effective implementation of the law, the relevant legislation should be established with the supervision, inspection and enforcement of rights, etc. specialized series of clear regulatory authority, has set up a workable financial consumer dispute resolution mechanism, and emphasized that financial consumer education.
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