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Research On Fault-tolerant Mechanism

Posted on:2018-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee,China entered the stage of deepening reform ? At the same time,not as a phenomenon despite the repeated,fault tolerance mechanism came into being.At present,fault tolerance mechanism has not yet been established,So the paper to send the wrong mechanism to establish the theoretical basis for the beginning of the study,Through the comparison of administrative decision-making mistakes,administrative accountability and so on,the connotation of fault-tolerant mechanism is clarified,and the theoretical basis of fault-tolerant mechanism is explored.An Empirical Study on Fault Tolerance Mechanism?This part leads to fault tolerance mechanisms through case studies,And then explores the discovery process of fault tolerance mechanism,And then explores the discovery process of fault tolerance mechanism ? The last part elaborates on the improvement of fault tolerance mechanism.Explore in three steps:First,determine the basic guiding principles of fault tolerance mechanism,Followed by the theoretical system level to improve,Establish a theoretical system that includes the essential elements,including disclaimers,disclaimers,disclaimers,disclaimers,and so on,Finally,in the practical level,in the institutional level of these elements of coordination,integration of the final realization of fault tolerance mechanism of continuous optimization.In general,the main role of the article empirical analysis of logical analysis of comparative analysis of the method,The article studies the fault tolerance mechanism in three parts: clear concept-empirical analysis-perfect.
Keywords/Search Tags:tolerant-fault and exemption from liability, omission, empirical analysis, construct path
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