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A Study On The Propaganda Work For The United States And Its Basic Experiences Of The Chinese Communist Party In The Period Of The Anti-Japanese War

Posted on:2018-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330536976492Subject:Marxist theory
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In the period of Anti Japanese War,the propaganda work for the United States had undergone a historical process of growing out of nothing and developing from informal association to official diplomacy.The CCP had insisted on the propositions of overthrowing all the imperialist states since founded,thus,the CCP adopted a hostile attitude towards the United States,and the propaganda work for the United States was in blank basically.In December,1935,the Central Committee of the CCP formally established the anti-Japanese national united front.Since then,the CCP developed highly fruitful propaganda work towards the United States,and created a fair international environment for Anti-Japanese War.The propaganda work towards the United States during the Anti-Japanese War can be divided into four stages.The first stage is during the local war of resistance against aggression(1935.12-1937.6).In June,1936,the American journalist Edgar Snow started to interview in Shaan-Gan-Ning Border Region.Mao Zedong,the director of the CCP,accepted the request of interview,which had made the whole world and people in the first time aware the CCP,the Red Army and the true nature of Shaan-Gan-Ning Border RegionThe second stage is during the strategic defensive in full-scale anti-Japanese war(1937.7-1938.10).Firstly,the CCP sincerely invited more American folks and journalists to interview Yan'an and liberated area and a piles of American journalists went to there.Secondly,the CCP founded some newspapers and established propaganda organs.Thirdly,the CCP gave a cordial reception to American officer Evans Carlson.The third stage is strategic stalemate in full-scale anti-Japanese war(1938.11-1943.12).Owing to the compromise strategy by the western countries and the policy of negative resistance,positive anti communism by the Kuomintang,the propaganda work towards the United States suspended for almost 2 years until 1940.In this stage,the CCP mainly intensified the association with the American folks and strengthened the international propaganda work.The fourth stage is during the strategic counter-offensive in full-scale anti-Japanese war(1944.1-1945.8).In this stage,the propaganda work towards the United States had achieved a giant leap from folk association to official diplomacy.Firstly,the CCP sincerely hosted a cordial reception to “the Northwest Visiting Group of Chinese and Foreign Journalists”.Secondly,the CCP sincerely hosted a cordial reception to Dixie Mission.Thirdly,positively participated the negotiations between the two sides presided by Patrick J.Hurley.The propaganda work for the United States of the Chinese Communist Party in the Period of the Anti-Japanese War had a great and far-reaching historical importance.Firstly,it broke the Kuomintang's blockade.Secondly,it established an international image of resisting Japan and saving the nation.Thirdly,it helped to win over the assistance for the United States.Fourthly,it accumulates multiple experiences for the propaganda work for nowadays.
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