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Research Of Cases About Illegal Business Operations On Share Price Index Futures

Posted on:2018-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Share Price Index Futures(SPIF)has always been a concern to investors since it has been launched.In China,futures management department strictly controls this important and risky financial derivative.--Any individual or organization is not allowed to participate in SPIF and related business without permission.However,there are phenomena nationwide that organizations evade supervision to implement SPIF business.Considering that SPIF is with high professionality and abstraction,it becomes a severe problem for judicial department that how to define the uncontrolled behaviors related to SPIF.This article will expound from typical cases and probe the problems that refer to handling cases of illegal SPIF business operations,so that it can be a reference to judicial department.This thesis has five parts.The first part is the introduction of typical cases.Meanwhile,it describes the divergence of practical department.The second part is the analysis of components that could constitute illegal business operations.The third part is the discussion about the difference between operations and transactions in SPIF field,and it concludes the definition of the differences.The conclusion lays the foundation for cognizing the uncontrolled behaviors related to SPIF.The forth part is the statement explaining who and how to cognize illegal SPIF business operations and also the issues that need to be considered when cognizing.The last part is about criminal amount.Illegal business operations is circumstance crimes.The confirmation depends on whether the operation behaviors reach the degree of "severe case".It's necessary to reassess the criminal amount of illegal business operations of SPIF,because it matters for cognizing the crime related to SPIF.
Keywords/Search Tags:illegal business operations, SPIF, behavior cognizance, criminal amount
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