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The Research On The Ombudsman System

Posted on:2019-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Ombudsman in charge of the inspection in China had appeared in the Western Zhou Dynasty.During the Qin and Han Dynasties,the“Grandee Secretary”represented the creation of the supervisory system.The Censorate,as the National Supervisory Authority,was established in the Tang Dynasty.The Ombudsman supervised the civil and military officials on behalf of the emperor.This marked the development of the supervisory system.The Song Dynasty followed the system of the Tang Dynasty and implemented integration of remonstration and supervision.The Ming and Qing Dynasties basically followed the independent system of the supervisory powers of the Tang and Song Dynasties and only the Grandee Secretary was changed to the inspection institute as the highest supervisory authority.The development of the extraterritorial ombudsman system first sprouted in Sweden in 1809.Sweden gradually formed today’s parliamentary Ombudsman office based on the parliamentary Ombudsmen.Today,the Swedish Parliament’s Ombudsman Agency has established a solid system of four commissioners.Following the appearance of the prototype of the earliest Ombudsmen in the world in Sweden,Finland established the Parliamentary Ombudsman Office in 1919,Denmark passed the Ombudsman Act in 1954,Norway established the Parliamentary Ombudsman in 1962,and the first Ombudsman appeared in the UK in 1967.Since the 1960s,the Ombudsman system was no longer confined to Scandinavia and it has begun to develop worldwide.In 1978,the US Congress and the President passed and signed the Inspector General Act which stipulated that the inspector should be independent to be free from the adverse effects of administrative officials and economic and political restrictions.In Hong Kong,the ICAC Commissioner is the chief executive of the ICAC.The ICAC Commissioner represents the Governor and fulfills three statutory duties,namely,preventing corruption,investigating corruption and educating the public to support anti-corruption.The Independent Commission Against Corruption(ICAC)is a highly independent body in Hong Kong.At the 1st session of the 13th National People’s Congress this year,the NPC deputies voted on the Constitutional Amendment(2018)and reviewed and passed the Supervision Law.One important factor for the Party Central Committee to revise the constitution is the need to deepen the reform of the supervisory system.According to the contents of the Supervision Law,this paper tried to get a new understanding and reflection on issues such as the supervision system and the position,birth,responsibilities,rights and duties,training and discipline of the Ombudsman.On this basis,this paper first explored the position,birth,rights,duties,responsibilities,professional qualities,disciplines,appointments and dismissals,training,rewards and punishments,identity guarantees and other systems of Ombudsman in China.
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