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Research On The Selection Of China’s A-share Issuance Regulatory Legal System

Posted on:2018-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H B ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330569487322Subject:Civil and commercial science
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China’s a-share market regulation changes the history of the change of legal system,covering the history of the change of the legal system of the whole securities market in China.In the Chinese securities market,the a-share market is the basis of China’s securities market,and the a-share market is the weight of China’s securities market.The regulation and legal system of a-share market regulation is the basis of the legal system of Chinese securities market.In conclusion,this paper selected issued a-share market in China’s securities market regulation legal system as the research object,has strong representative and coverage,solved the issue of a-share market regulation legal system problems,can say,also solved the issue of China’s securities market regulation legal system.The current situation of the issuance of A share market is determined by the existing regulatory legal system.In order to explore the legal system of a-share issuance supervision,this paper,from the vertical,the historical summary and analysis methods,studied the development of A shares in the past 27 years.,from the horizontal comparison and analysis,the method of comprehensive analysis the a-share issuance regulation legal system,more countries outside Hong Kong and China issued supervision legal system,and find out A release supervision legal system advantages and disadvantages of the existing problems,find the advantages and disadvantages of a-share issuance regulation legal system,draw lessons from outside the regulation of Hong Kong and China.Is given in the end,the method of comprehensive analysis,improving the law system of a-share issuance regulation symptomatic and feasibility proposal,namely the reasonable reserve a-share issuance regulation legal system current authorization A share,on the basis of deep argumentation a-share issuance examination system to the registration system into the feasibility,finally forms the dual audit authorization and registration system of parallel play their respective advantages make up for their respective defects near the a-share issuance regulation legal system of science.
Keywords/Search Tags:A-share market, Issuance supervision system, Registration system
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