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Stock Issuance Of Registration System Guarantee Mechanism Research In China

Posted on:2018-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The current stock issuance examination system on the world securities market basically has two audit authorization and registration system model,at present our country is a authorization audit issue pattern,although this is the foundation of our country securities market development and related supporting facilities such as a variety of factors,but with the sustained and rapid development of economy in our country in recent years,the current stock market stock issuance of authorization audit pattern already more and more difficult to meet the demand of the development of the securities market,and the increasingly sharp contradictions.So registration system reform in our country,although in recent years,the state issued the relevant registration system reform measures,but delays in the implementation of related measures,explore the reasons behind it,there are investors rational investment philosophy is not the cause of the formation,there are also related to the registration system of form a complete set of security measures are not perfect,not in place,so as to carry out the registration system reform in our country,this article will expounds how to promote China's registration system from several aspects of the implementation of a solution.This article is divided into the introduction and the body of two parts.Preface part is mainly about the background of registration system reform in our country,and the necessity of the reform,the reform and the feasibility of the implementation of the reform,such as the purpose of these a few respects.Text mainly from three aspects about the study of Chinese stock issue registration system guarantee mechanism.The first part focuses on the reform of Chinese stock issue registration system and its implement condition,first explains the meaning of stock issuance of registration system and its advantages,and then from the separation of equity public offering audit rights and the rights,the right of public audit to the stock exchange,improve the information disclosure mechanism,phased,gradual registration system reform of the four aspects to elaborate the stock issuance of registration system reform in our country.Finally from the stock market should be a relatively mature market,control the number of listed companies has perfectdelisting mechanism,securities supervision system more perfect,build and perfect the legal environment of investor protection this four aspects about the condition of the practice of Chinese stock issue registration system reform.The second part focuses on the registration system on the world's major capital market the present situation of the implementation of the observation and the enlightenment to our registration system reform.From the United States,Japan,Chinese Hong Kong?Chinese Taiwan,the four mature securities markets,tells the story of the world's major capital market registration system is the practice of the status quo,as well as the enlightenment to our registration system reform.The third part focuses on how to establish and perfect the safeguard mechanism of practice registration system in our country,through the establishment of guarantee mechanism to promote our country the implementation of a registration system reform.From establishing the perfect strengthen supervision and restraint mechanism and regulation of force,fully effective play the CSRC supervision function of the Angle in the safeguard mechanism for establishing registration system regulation,from the revised "securities law" to optimize the system for issuing new shares and strict information disclosure system of form a complete set with perfect and establish strict delisting system three aspects to construct safeguard mechanism of the relevant supporting measures of the registration system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reform practice condition, the world's major capital market, security mechanism, the supervision system, Implementation conditions
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