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Research On The Influence Of Network Culture On College Students Values

Posted on:2018-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330521950972Subject:Ideological and political education
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With the development of science and technology,network culture,as a new modern culture,has been developing.The development of Internet has changed people's life style,cognitive mode and thinking mode.To adapt to this,the university campus has also formed a new network culture.The culture of colleges and universities,including the network culture of colleges and universities,is a new form of University culture.As the fastest group to accept and understand new things--college students are increasingly dependent on the network,the network has a profound impact on College Students' learning and life,affecting their thinking and awareness.On the one hand,the Internet brings college students develop their thinking from the perspective of desire for knowledge,on the other hand,the network information that dragons and fishes jumbled together college students' political belief confusion,fuzzy ideals,integrity awareness,lack of social responsibility,dilute the spirit of arduous struggle,poor psychological quality,these will undoubtedly give students to establish the values of negative impact.So for the education workers,how to carry out effective guidance of work values of College Students under the new situation,how to play the role of network weaknesses,becoming one of the most important problems in higher education.Based on the system theory,the university network culture and contemporary college students values of the characteristics of the system of interpretation,the network culture concept of double influence to college students' value,points out how to face in the background of network,strengthen network construction,carry out the values of methods and recommendations to guide the work of the campus network.Besides the first chapter introduction,the main content is divided into five chapters: the second chapter,the network culture meaning and the related theory,the definition of network culture in Colleges and universities is expounded,mainly from culture,network culture,network culture in universities with advanced form division concept,mainly about the characteristics of College Network culture in detail,comparing the focus on the culture of campus network and campus culture and the common culture of the network,to firmly grasp the unique,for how to use the following features of the foundation.The third chapter from the content of the values of college students,analyzes the concept,characteristics and forming factors,mainly emphasizes on the characteristics of the value of college students,mainly related to network under the influence of College Students' values of the characteristics of the times,rich and diverse,changes in plasticity,contradiction and conflict,self value selection tends to pragmatic personality.It plays an important role in the negative effects of the Internet on College Students' values.In the fourth chapter,the author explains the fluctuation of College Students' values from the following two aspects,and analyzes the serious consequences of the negative effects.Second,the mainstream ideology of college students is impacted by the political belief.Third,college students' values tend to be utilitarian and realistic.To guide the education countermeasures of College Students' values of the last chapter gives the background of the network,with fourth chapters,the negative influence of college network culture brings to college students as the basis,countermeasure proposal,put forward to guide the construction of network culture with socialist core values of education,students have the right to choose the mainstream value.Actively improve the network of moral education,improve the quality of students,regulate the behavior of students in the network,the safety of students to access the internet.
Keywords/Search Tags:cyber culture, college students, values, influence, countermeasures
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