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Research And Implementation On Zhundong Railway Dispatching Management Information System Based On Regional Computer Interlocking

Posted on:2018-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H S YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330518967144Subject:Control engineering
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In recent decades,the information intelligent control technology represented by computer technology has played an important role in railway construction and transportation.The train dispatch command system(TDCS)is a representative of the driving command automation,the national railway train dispatch command system by TDCS system,the National Railway Company Railway Bureau TDCS system and base station system of three layer network.The system is stable and plays a big role in improving the efficiency of railway transportation,reducing the labor intensity of the personnel and improving the working environment,and also helps to improve the safety management level of the railway and reduce the labor cost.Inner Mongolia Yitai Zhundong Railway Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as the "Eastern Railway")was founded in October 1998,is a coal based transportation railway,mainly responsible for the transport of Yitai group coal company belongs to coal,and undertake a part outside the unit of coal transportation.After 2012,coal prices continued to decline,although little effect on Zhundong railway freight volume,but a greater impact on the parent company of Yitai Zhundong Railway Corporation economic benefit,corporation put forward the reform requirements of compression labor costs due to the decline in economic benefits,in order to corresponding group company reform call,the independent station computer interlocking to regional computer interlocking that can reduce driving staff,thus completing the reform of compression labor costs.Based on the above analysis based on regional computer interlocking "regional dispatching interlocking integrated dispatching Zhundong railway information management system project,the project investment,the modification is easy,very suitable for the development needs of Zhundong railway.This paper firstly introduces the basic theory of modeling of railway dispatching management information system,including micro service architecture,unified modeling language,basic concepts of database technology in railway dispatching information management application,dispatching information management system of software and hardware requirements.Then this paper simply introduces the functional requirements of the author worked in Inner Mongolia Yitai Zhundong Railway Co.Ltd and the basic situation of Zhundong railway dispatching management information system.Then,according to their own situation Zhundong railway dispatching management information system and the regional computer interlocking system of Zhundong railway design.Then after the implementation of the system,in terms of Zhundong railway transport organization and administrative division,regional traffic control and traffic etc.has been redefined and planning,in order to ensure the system can adapt to each other,and then the operation of the system test and bring significance to Zhundong railway is expounded.Conclusion: Zhundong railway is very suitable to independent station computer interlocking to regional computer interlocking,with regional computer interlocking of dispatching information,establish dispatching information management system of regional computer interlocking has characteristics of Zhundong railway.I hope this research can provide some reference for,Zhundong railway train dispatching information management at the same time,laid the foundation for development of Zhundong railway company faster and better.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dispatching Command, Regional Interlocking, Automation, Integration
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