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Research Into Acceptance Behavioral Pattern Of WeChat's Social Advertisements In Mobile Contexts

Posted on:2017-05-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Z ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2349330488987129Subject:Industrial design engineering
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With the number of WeChat users soaring,WeChat Moment,as a new form of medium,has already become an indispensable interactive entertainment platform,which involves every aspect of our daily life.WeChat has evolved from an application to a phenomenal product that brings huge social and economic benefits.There have been pros and cons since the first advertisement was launched by the WeChat Team.As far,how to bring both fame and commercial profits to social advertisements without affecting user experience is a crucial question,which means that it is quite urgent and necessary to figure out users' acceptance behavior mechanism of social advertisements.First of all,this research reviewed lots of literatures and extracted the factors that affect people's acceptance behaviors of social advertisements in WeChat context.Methods adopted in this research include: literature survey,questionnaire investigation and exploratory factor analysis(EFA).The followings are the major influential factors: value,reliability,participation,usability and interference.Secondly,the current research explored the mechanism of users' acceptance behaviors of social advertisement from psychological perspectives.Based on the technology acceptance model(TAM)and internet advertisements attitude model,taking the five major influential factors into consideration,this research establishes a structural equation model(SEM)of acceptance behavior model of social advertisement in WeChat and proposes corresponding assumptions.The model testifies assumptions through AMOS 21.0 and reveals that all major influential factors have impact on users' attitudes and behavioral intentions.The value,usability,reliability,interference and participation of social advertisements in WeChat have significant influence on users' attitude;value is the most important factor while the interference has a significant negative influence on users' attitude.Moreover,users' attitude influences their behavioral intentions significantly.Finally,based on the analysis of snapshots of social advertisements in WeChat,theresearch explored the differences of acceptance behaviors that took place on different kinds of social advertisements.Furthermore,the research also offered some suggestions on advertising.This study explored the mechanism of users' acceptance behaviors of social advertisements and its level of influence based on the model of acceptance behavior of social advertisements,which will lead to effective advertising and contribute to the further development of social advertisements.
Keywords/Search Tags:social advertisements in WeChat, influential factors, behavioral intention, act of acceptance
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