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The Research On The Influencing Factors Of Smartphone Users' Acceptance Behavior Of Wechat

Posted on:2014-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330473950998Subject:Business management
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As a mobile instant messaging soft, Kik attracted 1 million users at a breathtaking speed after launching into the market 15 days. The success of Kik attracted many Chinese internet workers. They invented many applications as Kik by making a micro innovation to Kik, such as Michat, Kiki and Feidou. As the most excellent internet corporation in china, Tencent invented Wechat in January 2011.From testing the market to gaining more than 300 million users, from the voice intercom tool to a diversification three-dimensional communication platform, as a free application that offers instant messaging service to Smartphone users, Wechat became very popular from launching into the market in 2011. Now there are 1.038 billion Smartphone users around the world and the number is still to increasing according to the report from Strategy Analytics in October 2012. There are only more than 300 million users. It is easy to see that Wechat has a huge space for development. How to make old Smartphone users and new ones become Wechat users is the main direction of Wechat in the future.In addition the author finds that current research on Wechat mainly focused on technology, communication and marketing and there is no research on the Smartphone users' acceptance behavior of Wechat through reading literature. Facing with this situation, the paper makes a research on the factors which influent Smartphone users' acceptance behavior of Wechat and influence path of these factors.Firstly, Based on the Technology Acceptance Model, Theory of Reasoned Action, Theory of planned Behavior, Innovation Diffusion Theory, Perceived Risk Theory, Perceived Entertainment Theory, the consumer behavior of Smartphone users and the characteristics of Wechat, this paper makes perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived playfulness, user innovation, social perception, perceived risk, perceived cost, perceived systematic quality and usage scenarios as factors to building the research model of the Smartphone users' acceptance behavior of Wechat and puts forward some researched assumptions. Secondly, in order to test the researched assumptions, the paper collects research data by questionnaire and makes reliability and validity, correlation analysis, regression analysis,variance analysis and T test to 258 valid data by SPSS 17.0. Finally, according to the research result, the paper puts forward some marketing suggestions for Tencent to develop Wechat.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wechat, Smartphone Users, Acceptance Behavior, Technology Acceptance Model
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