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Symbols And Metaphors In The Creation Of Contemporary Meticulous Characters

Posted on:2018-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At first,symbol and metaphor in literature,influence gradually expand,after effects to fiction,drama,art,etc.These interlinked and painting arts,makes use of symbolism and metaphor works are thought-provoking.So in the paint surface painting creation,besides with everyone pursuit of formal feeling now,symbol and metaphor,the picture gives further make the painting more thought-provoking."Formal language of painting is the painter thought emotion into the concrete expression of a bridge",through the bridge,the viewer can grasp to ICONS will probably want to convey the inner feelings.The author during the period of graduate work,try on graphic symbol and painting techniques metaphor some inner feelings,the creation is not just the pursuit of picture some effect and form,more the pursuit of images within the meaning of the metaphor and symbol.Draw characters facial expressions,body movements,body parts and plants,their gestures,body composition,color,line,are exploring painting in their works of symbol and metaphor in the best place to start.Based on the symbolic and metaphorical meaning of Chinese and western paintings and based on the analysis of the character of Chinese contemporary painting works,combined with their own creation,talk about the contemporary painting character creation of symbol and metaphor.
Keywords/Search Tags:figure painting, Traditional Chinese realistic painting creation, Symbolic, metaphor
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