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Research On The Legal Issues Of Rural Land Trust Circulation In China

Posted on:2016-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The trust,derived from England land management, has become one of the most effective system for property to administer in the world. Nowadays land trust still plays an important role to allocate land resources rationally, to promote innovation development, to accelerate management and the industrialized operation of land. China is a country with a vast agricultural base and the issue of agriculture, rural areas and farmers causes many problems. Through analyzing three cases in the rural land trust by legal basis, this thesis tries to explore rural land trust system that fits our national condition on the basis of legal frames.Chapter one mainly makes introduction of three cases of Chinese rural land mobility trust combing with relevant legal regulations in Trust Law. Also, the legal relationships of every specific cases show clearly.Chapter two illustrates the structure of land trust mobility system and current legal problems. First of all, the concept of rural land trust mobility is introduced by combing with illustrative cases of rural land trust mobility system. Secondly, the basic connotation of rural land trust is descripted in detail to illustrate its essential characteristic. According to legal substratum, the writer tries to demonstrate the feasibility of land trust in our country.aChapter three provides some specific suggestions to perfect rural land trust system, which is discussed mainly from three aspects. The conclusion makes a briefly summary of shortcomings found in contest paper.The main research methods includes comparative research method, document information method and case analysis method so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural-land, rural land trust mobility, trust
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