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Optimization Design Of Wireless Network Resources Based On Neural Network

Posted on:2016-10-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Artificial neural network (Neural Network Artificial) is a kind of mathematical model for the information processing of the structure of the synaptic connection. It can realize the simulation of the performance of animal neural network, as a mathematical model of the algorithm to complete the data distributed operation.Nowadays, In wireless sensor network model of continuous progress today, resource allocation under multi objective and multi task has become a key problem in sensor networks. In order to solve the problem of resource allocation in multi sensor communication system, this paper is based on the optimization of OFDM (Frequency Division Multiplexing Orthogonal). It is possible to get better performance in power and bandwidth, the article needs to allocate resources, make the resource control system based on OFDM modulation, using Hopfield neural network to improve the OFDM system dynamic resources, reasonable use of Hopfield neural network parallel operation mode, convergence, simple and so on. It is not difficult to find that the Hopfield neural network and the past model are compared with the experimental results. The effect of the OFDM system is more obvious.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hopfield neural network, Wireless sensor network, Resource allocation, OFDM system
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