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Based On Bp Neural Network Enterprises' Technological Innovation Ability Evaluation And Applied Research

Posted on:2006-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360152982331Subject:Business management
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Technologic innovation is viewed as the source of economy growth and an effective way of promoting knowledge-based economy development. Today, the activities of enterprise's technologic innovation have already been the power and headspring that decide the subsistence and development of the enterprise. So, it is realistically significant for an enterprise to evaluate its TI capacity objectively, scientifically, efficiently and quantitatively. Only in this way can an enterprise scientifically realize its TI capacity in its competition with its counterpart, employ appropriate innovation strategy, make full use of its advantages and achieve the best economic and social benefits. The present paper makes an analysis of the enterprise's TI capacity and sets up an index system based on the technologic innovation process to evaluate the technologic innovation capacity, and tries to find a way to synthesize it.In the first part, the author expounds the theories related to the TI, introduces its concept and the composing elements, and sets up an index system of evaluating the enterprise's TI capacity which is based on the technologic innovation process according to former research. In the second part, because of the shortage of the evaluating the enterprise's TI capacity currently, the author presents a new method of evaluating TI capacity, which is based on BP neural network. According to the index system that has been already set up, design the BP neural network model, and present the doable evaluating programs. In the third part, on the method of compute, the author uses the Neural Network Toolbox (NNT) based on MATLAB to make network design and compute. Through the training and testing of lots of studying samples, the error of the model will limit in a preconcerted range. Thus, a integrative network model has been established. In the end, the article proves the accuracy feasibility of the method with an example.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technologic Innovation Capacity, Evaluation Index System, BP neural network, MATLAB Neural Network Toolbox
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