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Research On The Improvement Of Government Public Service Satisfaction Based On 4C Theoretical Cost Perspective

Posted on:2017-11-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W L WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330512452367Subject:Public Administration
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With the advent of globalization and the information age,China and the world for the government position has a lot of changes.Eighteen years,under the new government vigorously promote the service-oriented government has become the transformation goals and requiring the public sector.Early in the last century,Professor Robert Denhardt,representative of one of the new public service theory,put forward the important role of the government as a public administrator is not reflected in the social control or control,but rather to help citizens to express and implement their common interests,namely "services rather than at the helm." American marketing expert Professor Lauterbom 4C theory made famous in 1990,it is consumer demand,re-set the four basic elements: consumers,cost,convenience and communication.It attaches to the consumer-oriented,the pursuit of customer satisfaction as the goal.Shanghai,as the vanguard of reform and opening up,innovation and development pioneer,the masses on how to improve efforts and exploration for public services on a lot of satisfaction.This paper attempts to 4C theory-based,through the use of a public sector Shanghai online research service,the use of service personnel to questionnaires,analyze the current service satisfaction.With Expectations-consistent model of public service costs were calculated and analyzed in detail,and draw the overall cost of public services has not been reduced,but there is an upward trend this preliminary conclusion,and from multiple perspectives confirm this conclusion.According to 4C theory,convenience and communication aspects as a breakthrough for how to improve public service satisfaction gives strategic advice and recommendations.From the standpoint of convenience,first asked all government departments to rely on "big data","Internet +" and other emerging technologies,to break the traditional "fragmented" system mode,speed up inter-departmental data sharing and opening up,promote industrialization of large data innovation and development,establish and improve the management of large data mechanism,openness and sharing of data both to strengthen the construction of service-oriented government,but also to strengthen the mutual supervision of government departments,let the sun be the best preservative,so the public sector in the minds of the masses boost in satisfaction;Second,we must fully consider the interests of small and micro businesses,changing service model pay greater attention to the long tail theory "tail",and to all types of businesses and individuals a fair service environment;and finally continue improved publicity,not only on television,newspapers and other traditional media,but also to rely on "new media","from the media" and other new means of communication,the initiative to establish the correct guidance of public opinion,to raise public trust and satisfaction with government public sector.From the communication point of view,the public sector should first change their own roles,from the "official position" to "people oriented" and take the initiative to communicate with the enterprise masses,regularly carry out various kinds of lectures will wait;second is to expand the channels of communication,not just relying on the masses home consultation letters,telephone access and other traditional means of communication,socialization is recommended ways to strengthen communication;and finally take seriously the feedback and complaints and suggestions,to ensure the sound and reflect the aspirations of the masses to the relevant departments for reasonable aspirations and views should take immediate action.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public Service, Customer Satisfaction, 4C Theory, Expectation-disconfirmation Model
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