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Exploration Of The Model Of Public Service Satisfaction Based On Current Situation Analysis Of Shandong Public Service Satisfaction

Posted on:2019-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330542498573Subject:Administrative Management
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In the repaid process of urbanization and market reform,there is a growing demand for public services.How to provide high quality public service and how to improve the public service satisfaction are two main challenges for Chinese government.Also,to build a service-oriented government,it is for the government to meet people's needs and provide high quality public service.Public service satisfaction is the subjective evaluation of public service.It is the application of customer satisfaction in public fields.The process of measuring Shandong public service satisfaction is relatively slow,and the methods are varied.Through city,the public and public fields perspectives.Urban public service is a hot topic in urban management and administrative management fields.The data in this dissertation comes from the three-year data set built by Shandong university politics and public administration school.The study empirically demonstrates the situation and reality of Shandong public service satisfaction.Afterwards,this study tires to use structural equation modelling method to construct the public service satisfaction model.The main research content includes two aspects.First,using statistical method,this study intends to reflect the satisfaction of public service in Shandong province from city,the public and public services perspective,which will empirically show the basic situation of the public service in different cities,areas,groups.Second,after summarizing the problems and limitations of traditional methods,this study attempts to use structural equation modelling method to build the public service satisfaction model.According to conclusions,the last chapter will propose related policy implications from the government public finance,government operation pattern and urban hierarchical aspects respectively.The research methods in this study include hierarchical analysis method,the mean comparison analysis,correlation analysis and structural equation analysis.The significance of the study lies in not only empirically presenting Shandong public service satisfaction from multi-perspective,but also putting forward the public service satisfaction model.This model fill the gap of using the structural equation method in public service research in Shandong province.Also,it lays the foundation for future related research.At the same time,based on the quantitative study,this study provides practical and reliable advice for improving public service in Shandong.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shandong public service, Public service satisfaction, Public service satisfaction model, Structural equation modelling
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