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Judicial Determination Of The Crime Of Money Laundering

Posted on:2018-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Money laundering refers to activities and processes that conceal or cover up the proceeds of crime and legitimize them.The crime of combating and preventing money laundering is the inevitable development of market economy,and it is also an area that needs to focus on the theory and practice of criminal justice.This paper has combed the constitution of money laundering crime from four aspects and analyzed the problem of money laundering crime.First of all,the concept and connotation of money laundering are defined,and the specific legislation process and source basis of the crime are introduced in detail.Second,the theory of crime constitution two elements as theoretical basis,from the perspective of how the components of the illegal behavior of money laundering,money laundering behavior characteristics,behavior object of the crime of laundering,money laundering and the result of the infringement of legal interests problems such as how to operate in the judicial practice,has carried on the detailed analysis.Again,from the view of the constitutive requirements of the responsibility for money laundering constitutive requirements of "knowing" to learn to read,to the degree of "knowledge" and further the method,and connecting with the practice of specific operation with case analysis.In the end,it is important to distinguish between the crime of money laundering and the cover-up and the crime of concealment,hiding,transferring and concealing the boundary between drugs and drugs.
Keywords/Search Tags:The crime of money laundering, the constitutive element, judicial determination
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