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Legal Regulation Of Internet Non-public Equity Financing

Posted on:2019-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of our country's internet finance,the development of equity-based crowdfunding and internet private equity financing especially increased the efficiency of the small and medium-size enterprise.While its slow pace and lagging legislation lead to a series of illegal problems,such as the name confusions,illegal disclosure of information and lack of risk prevention measures which can result to a majority of financial risk and arise the attention of the financial community and legal community.Therefore,I believe that the legal regulations of the internet private equity financing should find problems,analysis them particularly from practice.Then,learn the foreign legal regulations on equity-based crowdfunding and search for a suitable road to China's conditions by our internet finance market and the current legal framework.There are six parts of this article.The first part,introduction,it summarized the subject's background,the development and the history.The second part,it described the definition,characteristics,classic cases and operation model of the internet private equity financing.The third part,it described the legal barriers in practice from the illegal aspect and the default aspect on the classic cases.The forth part,combining the foundation of the regulations of the America,France and other countries with our characteristics of our internet finance,it gave some legal suggestions on the perspective of investor protection.The fifth part,it gave some dispute settlement mechanisms.The last part,conclusion,to sum up the whole article and make a description of proposed ideas on the internet private equity finance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Equity-based crowdfunding, internet private equity finance, disclosure of information, investor protection
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