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Research On The System Of Criminal Witnesses Appearing In Court In The Perspective Of Trial

Posted on:2018-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The criminal witness is an important participant in the lawsuit,and the system of criminal witness appearing in court is very important in the criminal procedure system,which is of great significance to the smooth progress of the criminal procedure.But in our country's judicial practice,there are many problems such as the low rate of witness appearing in court and the difficulty of appearing in court.It has become a serious problem that seriously affects the criminal trial in our country.In order to solve this problem,in 2012 the "Criminal Procedure Law" to improve the relevant legislation,court of criminal witness,witness protection,witness economic compensation was provided,which has progressive significance,but from the legal effect,the testifying rate is still low in the court of criminal witness,solve this problem still a long way to go.This paper begins with clarifying the relevant concepts of the system of criminal witness appearing in court,and discusses the theoretical basis and the value of litigation.The second part analyses the new criminal procedure law provisions in court testimony system of the criminal witness,and from an empirical perspective on the implementation of the law after the criminal witness practice to demonstrate the outstanding problems found in practice.The third part makes a deep analysis of the reasons for the problems of the system of witness appearing in court in china.The fourth part of the extraterritorial countries and regions related to the criminal witness to testify in court system,in order to improve the system of our country to draw lessons from.The fifth part,combined with China's judicial practice,from the legislative,judicial,cultural three levels for the improvement of the system of criminal witnesses appear in court to make recommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Criminal witness, Witness appearing in court, Witness protection, System construction
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