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The Application Of Single Chip Microcomputer In File Vacuum Nitrogen Filling And Packaging Machine

Posted on:2017-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of the society and the growing deep research on history, the historians pay more attention to the archives. However, most of the files are printed. Paper files existing in the air are easy to be oxidized. But in view of its special status, it becomes very important to preserve these paper files for a long time. Soit is in urgent need for a specific file save equipment.At present, the domestic industry use semi-automatic knob packaging machine widely.However,this type of packaging machine has a lot of defects.For example,it is not convenient to use and the time relay has low accuracy, and this kind of packing machine has big noise due to using alternating current contactor,and the spark problem always can not get a fundamental solutionSince the load current is big,it is easy to burn contact and is not easy to release,which may lead to a fire disaster.What'more,since the working voltage is 220 v voltage, there is a huge security risk when the control circuit leakage occurs. In view of this, based on the original file packaging machine, this paper design the digital archives,which is a single-chip microcomputer controled vacuum sealing packing machine.This paper uses the small volume, low power consumption of the eight AT89C52 RC microprocessor as the control core, and to control the circuit through connected SCR.SCR has the characteristics of quick, no noise, and frequent shut off has almost no effect for the service life.Silicon is controlled by single chip microcomputer.Since single-chip microcomputer's working voltage is 5 v, operators' direct operation can cause no safety problems.This system has the founction of temperature display and time display.Temperature and time are displayed by lcd12864 LCD screen.This make the staff can easily see temperature and time. In addition, the long-term repeatability of directly operation on the packaging machine may cause the result that the operator is easy to fall into fatigue.This system designed has function of remote control, the operator can control it near the packing machine,which may improve the modernized level of packaging machine.System uses modular design method, divided into silicon controlled rectifier control module, temperature display module, time display module, wireless sensor module.We design the parameters of each component respectively in detail. System has the advantages of fast response speed, strong anti-jamming capability. This buffer system design the circuit, which is very convenient in debugging the program.After the commissioning, the modified design packaging machine‘s running effect is good, and basically meet the original design purpose,.It can be used for large-scale popularization, which has very significant economic value and social value.
Keywords/Search Tags:single chip microcomputer, Silicon controlled rectifier, Temperature display, Wireless sensor
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