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The Design And Realization Of Intelligent Temperature Control System Based On Single Chip Microcomputer

Posted on:2020-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Temperature is a very important physical quantity in life,which is closely related to people's life.In industrial production,equipment and equipment require higher temperature,especially in some water bath systems,the control accuracy of water temperature is higher.The traditional temperature control system has slow response speed,large error,unstable operation and low control accuracy.In recent years,with the rapid development of embedded technology and microcontroller,the intelligent development of temperature control system has been led.With the emergence of intelligent temperature control system,these problems can be solved easily.Intelligent temperature control system is widely used,powerful,compact and portable.It has the characteristics of real-time,accuracy and efficiency.In order to improve the accuracy of temperature control,the system mainly completes the following tasks:1.Design the general scheme and complete the design of hardware and software system.This design takes microprocessor as the center,and designs a complete temperature control system.The system uses AT89C51 single chip computer as the core and PT100 thermistor as the Whiston bridge circuit.The differential signal is obtained from the bridge.The signal is amplified by operational amplifier,and the analog-to-digital conversion is carried out by 12-bit serial analog-to-digital converter ADS7816.The single chip computer uses AT89C51 to process digital signals.2.Improved Control AlgorithmsBecause the controlled object has the characteristics of time-varying,non-linear and uncertain mathematical model,the traditional PID control algorithm can not meet the control requirements in the temperature control module.Fuzzy control algorithm is introduced in the design of the system to realize real-time online adjustment of PID parameters.The fuzzy PID parameter self-tuning control algorithm does not need to establish the mathematical model of the controlled object.It has good dynamic response,strong adaptability and high temperature control accuracy.3.System testing and Implementation.The system test and operation show that when the external temperature changes,the temperature control accuracy can only reach 0.5 degrees Celsius by using traditional PID algorithm.After adding the fuzzy control to the parameter setting,under the same external conditions,when controlling the water temperature,the system overshoot can be effectively reduced,the dynamic performance is better,the temperature control accuracy is high,and the accuracy can meet the requirements of 0.1 C.
Keywords/Search Tags:single–chip microcomputer, A/D converter, PID control, fuzzy algorithm control
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