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Study On Land Carrying Capacity Based On Suitability Evaluation In Ningbo

Posted on:2017-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Y CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330482477300Subject:Agricultural Remote Sensing and IT
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Land is the basis of human survival and development, and land resource is the most valuable resources in all kinds of resources. For a long time, human beings have made great achievements in social and economic development, while yet brought a lot of negative impacts. So the contradiction among population, resources and environment has become increasingly prominent. In recent years, with the rapid development of Ningbo, especially the development of marine economy, the contradiction between the finite demand for construction land supply and the infinite land demand for construction is increasingly prominent. Therefore, from the perspective of sustainable development of land resources, it is necessary to study the land carrying capacity in Ningbo.In this thesis, Ningbo was taken as the study area and the carrying capacity of land resource was taken as the study objective. Firstly, the overview of the home and abroad was analysed. The relevant theoretical basis was proposed according to the overview. Under the regional research background, the purpose and significance of the thesis about the carrying capacity of land resource of Ningbo was expounded. Secondly, the land use status and characteristics of Ningbo was analysed. The suitability of land development was evaluated by qualitative and quantitative methods. Based on the aim of ecological protection, the evaluation results were modified by limiting factors. Thirdly, according to the evaluation results, Ningbo was divided into four basic function areas. Based on the above, the land development intensity and the land carrying capacity were analysed in the short term and long term. Finally, some suggestions were put forward to make land use in Ningbo much reasonable.The conclusions are as follows:(1) The land development intensity of the current situation of Ningbo is 18.7%, with the planning objectives and forecast data, the development intensity is 21.4% in 2020,23.6% in 2030, the proportion of construction land suitable for development is bellow 28.6%. Therefore, the results of the thesis show that the land carrying capacity of land resource is in a good condition in the future. (2)The difference between the regional carrying capacity of land resource is obvious, and they have different characteristics and advantages. The potential of development is discrepant, the same as development focus and direction of land use. (3) The planned value of the Ningbo Land Utilization Planning can not meet the need of the social economic development, so it is necessary to excavate the mode and potential of land intensive utilization, and optimize the land use structure of Ningbo.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land Resource Carrying Capacity, Land Development Suitability Evaluation, Land Development Intensity, Ningbo, Comprehensive Functional Zone
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