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Research On Double Evaluation Of Land Spatial Planning Based On County Scale

Posted on:2021-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330605457233Subject:Rural and regional development
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The evaluation of the carrying capacity of resources and environment and the suitability of land space development based on the county scale is the prerequisite and basis for understanding the background resource conditions at the county level and preparing a new round of land space planning.Combining various types of spatial data to carry out double-evaluation studies on counties can better provide technical support for the preparation of county-level territorial spatial planning.This article takes Xiangzhou District,Xiangyang City,Hubei Province as an example to analyze and evaluate the importance of ecological protection,the suitability of agricultural production and the suitability of urban construction from three perspectives of ecology,agriculture and towns,and explore the biggest perspectives of agricultural production and town construction.Research shows:(1)The importance level of ecological protection in Xiangzhou District is divided into three levels:extremely important,important and generally important.Extremely important areas for ecological protection are distributed in Zhangwan Town,Dongjin Town,South Yushan Town,South Huanglong Town,Zhangjiaji Town,Guyi Town and Longwang Town;important ecological protection zones are distributed in various towns and townships,and in Xiangzhou District the central and southern areas are concentrated;the ecologically important areas are generally distributed in all towns and towns,and the northern areas of Xiangzhou are more concentrated,and are interlaced with important areas as a whole,which together constitute the basic importance of ecological protection in Xiangzhou pattern.(2)The suitability level of agricultural production in Xiangzhou District is divided into suitable,general suitable and unsuitable.The areas with appropriate agricultural production suitability grades have the largest distribution in towns and townships.The areas with suitable and unsuitable grades are mainly concentrated in the southern part of Xiangzhou District,which is mainly related to the influence of the topographic slope of land resources;The grades are high and medium,and the land resources grades are low and low,mainly concentrated in the southern region of Xiangzhou District;the grade of water resources evaluation results is better;the grade of climate evaluation results is average;the overall environmental evaluation results are all It is high grade.The largest area that agricultural production can bear is 2399.42 square kilometers,and the largest one that Yushan Town can carry is the largest,with an area of 270.21 square kilometers.(3)The urban construction suitability grade of Xiangzhou District is divided into suitable,general suitable and unsuitable.The areas with suitable urban construction suitability grades are mainly located in Zhangwan Town and Dongjin Town.The general grade areas are distributed in all townships,mainly in the northwest of Xiangzhou District,and the unsuitable grades are mainly It is concentrated in the southeast and northwest of Xiangzhou District;the distribution range of high and higher grades of land resources is relatively large;the areas of low and lower grades are mainly concentrated in the southern region;the grade of water resources evaluation is general;the climate comfort The level is 2;the areas with good location dominance are distributed in Zhangwan Town and Dongjin Town.The largest area that can be carried by urban construction is 2364.90 square kilometers,of which Yushan Town has the largest area of 260.12 square kilometers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Resource and environment carrying capacity, Suitability of land and space development, Land and Space Planning, Xiangzhou District,Hubei
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