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Research On Influence Factors Of Rural Customer Satisfaction In B2C Logistics Distribution Service

Posted on:2017-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330485475901Subject:Business management
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In recent years,with the popularity of the Internet and the improvement of living standards,China’s e-commerce industry has got a rapid development.In which,B2C e-commerce played a pillar role,and showing a sustained growth.At the same time,the development of e-commerce in first&second-tier cities had gradually entered the red ocean,with fierce competition and slower growth.But,the vast rural market has become the blue ocean of the major e-commerce companies,and has a very broad market prospects.In this paper,B2C online shopping customer in rural areas is our research objects to study the factors that affect the customer satisfaction of logistics and distribution services.Firstly,I introduce the rural B2C e-commerce and its potential,and present the challenges and basic distribution pattern of logistics and distribution services in rural areas.Then,I summarize customer satisfaction theory,quality of service theory and related research at home and abroad,on this basis,build a B2C environment in rural areas of logistics services customer satisfaction factors model,and put forward the basic assumptions of this study.After then expand empirical research,I obtain the required data for the study by questionnaire,and use SPSS to perform basic data analysis,then using AMOS software to test and amend the model to give rural affect B2C logistics service customer satisfaction factors,including:corporate image,transport distance,service reliability,service assurance,service response and service convenience;customers expect to play an intermediary role in the formation of corporate image and distance traffic on rural customers’ expectations,thus indirectly affects customer satisfaction,and customers expect to have a significant negative impact on rural customer satisfaction.Finally,according to the empirical results,combined with the actual characteristics of the rural market,I give some advice to enhance rural customer satisfaction,including improved logistics service quality,reasonably guide customer expectations and innovative the rural way of logistics and distribution.Through this study,on the one hand,it can play a complementary role to the relevant literature;on the other hand,for B2C e-commerce logistics and distribution enterprises,it can help enterprises to rationally allocate resources to take targeted measures to improve the quality of service,the upper hand in the rural market,the first to get customer satisfaction and customer loyalty,and finally to promote sustainable development in the rural market.
Keywords/Search Tags:Customer satisfaction, Rural customers, E-commerce, B2C
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