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A Study Of The Guaranteed Fund Strategy Demand And Design In Private Offering Of Fund

Posted on:2017-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After 2014,private equity funds began to develop rapidly after standardized management by the government.Private investors thus need more guaranteed fund strategies implanted in products design.But with demand in quantity growth,many private equity funds no longer deemed quality protection necessary.As a result,the fluctuations in net private equity products increased,and the market had diminished capacity to prevent black swan event.In this context,how the private equity fundsí product design can better meet the qualified investors demand needs a clearer concept,which makes this research meaningful.Through statistical analysis of private equity performance risk,questionnaires to qualified investors,various types of analog back guaranteed policy,this paper comes to the conclusion that compounding the strategy of CPPI and other preservation strategies to enhance performance,private offering of investment fund managers can better meet the needs of qualified investors.And by studying the various policies and regulations to make adjustments,we can directly use the templates in chapter six for private offering of investment funds to better conduct publicity and investment activities.The innovation of this paper is embodied in the study of special incentives,performance,and regulatory requirements of private offering of investment funds,by combining guaranteed preservation strategy into them.This is both what the booming private offering of investment funds needed,but also what the regulators in the near future need to concern.
Keywords/Search Tags:CPPI, Guaranteed fund strategies, Private offering of investment funds, Qualified Investor, Third-party regulatory
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