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Research On Stock Option Incentive Of Listed Companies In Information Technology Industry

Posted on:2018-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In this paper,the listed companies in the information technology industry as the object of study,and select more than and 70 representative companies in the industry,that is,Donghua software company as a case study.The basic definition and overview in the concept of "information technology" on the common problems of implementing equity incentive characteristics of Listed Companies in information technology industry and the company;and evaluate the implementation of incentive scheme from four aspects of market performance,financial perspective,staff structure change and innovation ability.The results show that: first,the market reaction to the implementation of equity incentives in Donghua is relatively positive.Second,Donghua equity incentive software significantly enhance the operating results of the enterprise.In the incentive period,all aspects of the company’s overall capacity indicators are on the rise.Third,from the perspective of the staff structure,Donghua software in the implementation of equity incentive during the rapid development of enterprise business,enterprise scale is bigger and bigger.Employees in the incentive period from 2273 people to break through to the 7031,indicating that the implementation of equity incentives to attract talent.Fourth,the implementation of equity incentives in Donghua software to improve the enthusiasm of employees,thereby enhancing the company’s innovation ability.At the same time,the study found that Donghua has a single index software equity incentive exercise,and can not fully reflect the situation of the company’s development strategy;the study also found that the exercise conditions and company employees do not match the unfair situation will choose to leave,to reach the equity incentive effect.Through case study,it is found that how to choose the right incentive mode and how to set up the comprehensive exercise index.Hope to provide reference for other information technology industry listed companies to implement equity incentive.
Keywords/Search Tags:Equity incentive, Information technology, Listed companies, Comprehensive exercise index
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