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Research On The Symbiotic Relationship Between Small And Medium-sized Enterprises And Small And Medium-sized Banks At The Background Of Internet Fiance

Posted on:2017-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330515489350Subject:Business management
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In recent years,small and medium-sized enterprises are playing an increasingly important role in Chinese economic development.But the perennial difficulties in capital raising for SMEs remain unsettled.The emergence and rising of the Internet Finance seems to remind owners of small and medium businesses of ways to get them out of their current financing predicament.The Internet Finance,based on two operation modes-----the person-to-person online loans and the E-commerce platform loans,can alleviate the SMEs' shortage of funds.However,the regulatory regimes and other measures do not keep pace with the expansion of the financing scale,which results in the bankruptcy of many P2P platforms.Moreover,due to its insufficient funds and inadequate security measures,the Internet Finance is not able to satisfy most SMEs' demand for financing.Meanwhile,that the Internet Finance is springing up has also affected adversely the traditional commercial banks,especially small and medium-sized ones at a competitive disadvantage.Despite the fact that small and medium-sized banks(SMBs for short)remain the best choice for SMEs compared with other financiers including online loans,E-commerce platform loans,etc according to the weak-weak matching rule of the symbiosis theory,facing the growing competition from the Internet Finance,small and medium-sized banks have to make all efforts to shift towards networking suitable for themselves so that they can promote the development of SMEs in the long term.The structure of the thesis is as follows.Firstly,the thesis summarizes the domestic and foreign research previously made on Internet finance,bank-enterprise symbiosis relationship and influence of the Internet finance on the development of banks and enterprises.Secondly,with the guidance of theories on the Internet finance and financial symbiosis,great efforts have been devoted to penetrating analysis on the current symbiotic links between SMBs and SMEs.Thirdly,status quo descriptions and insightful theoretical analysis have been made on the symbiotic relationship between SMBs and SMEs in terms of symbiotic units,symbiotic models and symbiotic environment respectively.Finally,the econometric model Eviews5.0 has been applied to verify analysis mentioned above and conclusions are as follows:1.The total output of SMEs is subject to the loan balances of SMBs and those of big banks as well as the Internet finance.But it is the loan balances of SMBs that affect the total output of SMEs in most sustained and profound way.2.The Internet finance does have some influence on the total output of SMEs,but it is not yet the determining factor.3.Before or even after the emergence of Internet fiance,the loan balances of SMBs remain the main factor affecting the total output of SMEs.SMEs and SMBs are the best partners each other ant enjoy stable symbiotic relationships,which,however,cannot deny the necessity and urgency of SMBs to accelerate their shift from traditional business patterns to the internet trade pattern.The innovation of the thesis can mainly be summarized as follows:1.It is the first time to make theoretical analysis by integrating theories on the Internet finance and those on bank-enterprise symbiosis.2.Penetrating and insightful analysis has been provided on the profound effects that Internet finance has on the units,models and enviroment of financial symbiosis;meanwhile,effective measures have also been offered.3.The thesis has also developed theories on SMEs financing to a certain extent by expounding and proving that SMBs remain the most reliable financier for SMEs,contributing to SMBs gradually shifting from traditional business patterns to the internet trade pattern.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet Finance, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Small and Medium-sized Banks, Symbiosis Relationship
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