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The Impact Of Absorptive Capacity On The Innovation Performance Of Technology M&a

Posted on:2018-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330515492535Subject:Business management
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With the increasingly changing environment and the fierce business competition,innovation is recognized as the most important source of competitive advantage,the enterprise's ability of innovation may not be able to withstand the great changes in the environment,but with the help of other organizations,enterprise can quickly improve the ability of resolving issues.Although there are several strategies that can help enterprises to carry out innovation,including business cooperation,the purchase of patent licensing,technology mergers and acquisitions,and enterprise cooperation and purchase of patents allow firms to obtain external knowledge,technology mergers and acquisitions clearly have stronger control of external resources,thus can bring greater potential for innovation.This study found that more and more enterprises choose technology mergers and acquisitions as a way to enhance innovation capabilities and achieve long-term competitive advantage.Therefore,this paper chooses technology M&A to carry out related research.Technology M&A can not only improve the knowledge and technology foundation of M&A enterprises,but increase the competitiveness of enterprises and form greater innovation.Technology M&A is an effective way to optimize the allocation of resources,reducing the waste of social resources,improving the efficiency of social resources,achieving knowledge and resource sharing.Therefore,technology mergers and acquisitions is a very important research topic.The previous research on technology mergers and acquisitions mainly focused on the acquired firm's knowledge base and relatedness of acquired and acquiring knowledge bases,ignoring what kind of acquirers is easier to be succeed.According to the resource-based theory,we try to explore the impact of absorptive capacity of acquirer on the subsequent innovation performance of technology M&A.Absorptive capacity,an important topic in the field of strategic management and innovation,which enable the firm to reconfigure its resource base and adapt to changing market conditions in order to achieve a competitive advantages which can be defined as the ability of identification,analysis,utilization and transformation of external knowledge.Unfortunately,there are fewer articles study the effect of acquirer's absorptive capacity on the innovation performance in technology M&A.Using 104 typical technology M&A events of high-tech from 2009 to 2013 as the research samples,this study examines the impact of the acquirer's absorptive capacity on the innovation performance of technology M&A.According to previous studies,the absorptive capacity is divided into three dimensions,namely potential absorption capacity,realized absorptive capacity,R&D intensity.Potential absorptive capacity is the ability of identifying and analyzing external knowledge and technology,realized absorptive capacity is the ability to use and transform external knowledge and technology,and R&D intensity refers to the degree of internal motivation and innovation effort.The empirical results show that the three different dimensions of the absorptive capacity have a significant positive impact on the innovation performance of technology M&A.In addition,this study studied the moderating effects of the external innovation environment on the relationship of absorptive capacity and the innovation performance of technology M&A.On the basis of reading literature and the context of supply-side reform and economic transformation,we found that the government R&D funding and factor marketization are significantly important factors which can affect the innovation performance of technology M&A.Finally,based on the results of this analysis,we provide some suggestions to the government and business managers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Absorptive capacity, Technology M&A, Innovation Performance, External Innovation Environment
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