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A Comparative Analysis Of PE And Equity-based Crowdfunding Investment Model

Posted on:2018-11-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In 2015,the era of big investment in private equity started,and the market for stocks,commodities and other markets caused a crowding out,with lots of social capital pouring into equity investment.PE is the best profitable investment in traditional equity investment to capture the market for natural investors.And equity-based crowdfunding,as a new type of investment,is growing fast because of its own investor access and rapid investment,but investors face many problems.This article firstly elaborated the domestic and foreign research literature about the definition of PE and Equity-based crowdfunding,Secondly,the investment process of PE and Equity-based crowdfimding is summarized and analyzed.Then we analyzed the factors of the two modes of investment.We concluded that PE investment is still the main investment mode,Equity-based crowdfunding investors have the least investor power than any form of PE investors,PE investors pay more taxes.Equity-based crowdfunding investors face more risks.Then empirically analyzed the correlation between the concentration of ownership and the performance of the company.The results show that the equity-based crowdfunding investors are more likely to get good business results.We conducted interviews,find that investors in Equity-based crowdfunding is hardly irrational.Based on the comparative analysis results of investment factors?empirical research and case,we think that PE and equity-based crowdfunding expose different risk characteristics in different ways.In addition,the paper detailed expound the process,regulatory laws,risk coping Suggestions,method of valuation,credit analysis framework,etc..hope to investors rational investment decisions,avoid investment risk to offer help.
Keywords/Search Tags:PE investment, Equity-based crowdfunding, Limited Partnership, Ownership Concentration
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